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The book industry in the United States generates more than $650 million in sales each year. Even at that, the odds of finding a publisher to back your masterpiece are slim, and though the odds may be against you, there are a few strategies that might help you sell your work.

Here’s a shortlist of some suggestions that might be helpful.

Keep It Real… More commercial nonfiction is published than fiction by a huge margin. Popular genres include religious and inspirational texts, memoirs and biographies.

Share Your Recipes… Cookbooks surged in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic. Sales of baking cookbooks rose 42% in 2021.

Do It Yourself… Self-publishing accounts for about 30% to 34% of e-book sales in the world’s largest English-speaking markets. You might consider hiring a freelance editor to help with “finishing touches” and a cover designer for an eye-catching look.


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