Outsource Your Ebook And Upsize Your Profit

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Outsource Your Ebook While Upsizing Your Profit

Ebooks are fast becoming a very popular method of conveying information, promoting Internet niche websites and generating a profit. Ebooks are similar to regular books, but they are distributed in a software format via email or the Internet instead of being printed and distributed as a hardcopy. There are some ebooks that are available for download free of charge, but most ebooks charge a fee for the download. This, however, is not the only way ebooks generate a profit.

Ebooks can also generate a profit by selling advertising space in the ebook. Most ebooks do not openly have ads, but many of them are written with the intention of promoting a particular website, product or service. Rather than a traditional advertisement, the ebook will likely feature links to more information on the advertiser’s products or services surrounded by information that subtly attempts to entice the reader to research the subject further.

How Can Outsourcing Your Ebook Save You Money?

The fact that outsourcing your ebook to a professional writer can save you money is confusing for many people. Most people assume that anytime you hire an individual to do work for you, it’s automatically detracting from your profit margin because you have to compensate them for the work they provide. However, in the long run outsourcing the task of writing your ebook can save you money.

Consider taking on the task of writing the ebook yourself. Unless you are a professional writer, your work will likely be inferior to the work that a professional would produce. This can be costly because investors will want to see a finished product before committing to sponsoring your ebook. If the work is subpar, they may withhold their investment dollars. This can cost you both time and money in searching for a new sponsor.

Now consider how long it would take you to write the ebook. Can you really afford to focus exclusively on writing the ebook? Most likely you have other responsibilities to which you must attend. This means that the ebook may take significantly longer to complete than it would take if instead you outsource the work to a professional.

Finally, consider the editing process. If you plan to have the ebook edited, you may have to allow additional time for the editing process if the work it to be completed by an amateur. If the ebook is in editing for too long, you could incur additional costs.

Select The Right Person for The Job

The first step in outsourcing an ebook with a great deal of success is taking the screening process seriously and finding the most qualified candidate to write the ebook. When searching for a candidate to write an ebook, place a detailed advertisement specifying the exact project requirements, including subject, length, milestone goals and required deadline. This is important because it ensures candidates are aware of all of the requirements before they apply to take on the work.

You may still receive countless applications from those who are unqualified, but that is where carefully screening the applicants becomes imperative. In reviewing applications pay particular attention to the quality of submitted samples, the amount of relevant work completed, and the ability of the candidate to following the instructions in your advertisement. All of these elements will help to simplify the screening process by enabling you to eliminate those who do not follow instructions or provide quality samples of relevance to your project.

Next, narrow the list of candidates to a few who are most qualified and interview them. Ebooks can be written by candidates from remote locations, so phone and online interviews are sufficient substitutes. After the interviews determine which, if any, of the candidates is most qualified and offer the opportunity of taking on your project to this candidate. If none of the candidates are qualified, it might be necessary to continue looking for and screening more candidates.

Be Involved in Developing The Outline

Once a professional writer is selected for your project, you should start developing an outline (if not already done). If you have a marketer, he/she should be heavily involved in this process so that they can ensure the ebook includes all of the information they believe is necessary. BTW, asking the writer to contribute ideas for the outline is appropriate, but you — the client — should provide the majority of these details rather than relying on the writer to do so.

Maintain Final Editing Rights

Finally, you should always maintain final editing rights in any ebook that you commission. You may work closely with the writer during the writing process, but upon completion the ebook should be reviewed and edited carefully. This should include checking for grammar and sentence structure, flow and style, accuracy of content and any other elements that you determine as important. Remember that you are ultimately responsible for the information contained in your ebook, so you should do your best to ensure that it is not only interesting and informative, but also accurate. This is especially important in situations where medical issues are discussed.

Another important reason to maintain final editing rights is to ensure that all stipulations by advertisers are met and that their competitors are not touted as being superior to themselves. Always keep in mind that your sponsors expect their website(s), product(s) or service(s) to be recommended in the ebook in exchange for their investment in your work.


Founder of coInnovate Digital & Design Group, a creative marketing agency, Melanie is also the lead developer of Leet De-Deet.

When not performing her duties for this website and at coInnovate, she spends her free time creating books for kids and her fellow technologists.


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