StoryBird AI Offers Interactive Storytelling

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An innovative tool called harnesses the power of AI to enable users to create captivating visual stories and execute interactive storytelling effortlessly. This gives its users the ability to craft personalized stories and books with the assistance of the AI platform.

With you can write, edit, publish, and even earn money with your creations. The developers of this tool has solved the problem of generating creative ideas, suggesting plot developments, and creating illustrations, which allows the user to create compelling stories without a lot of the effort that would be required otherwise.

A good overview of is posted in this month’s issue of MarkTechPost.


Founder of coInnovate Digital & Design Group, a creative marketing agency, Melanie is also the lead developer of Leet De-Deet.

When not performing her duties for this website and at coInnovate, she spends her free time creating books for kids and her fellow technologists.


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